Dedicated to the local music scene and to the history of Sonic Circus. 

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Dedicated to the history of Sonic Circus.

This site is dedicated to the local music scene and to the history of Sonic Circus. Sonic Circus started back around May 2002. It was a magical time for the band. We wanted to put together a band like no other in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin. The entire show came together in roughly 2-3 months and our first show was July 27, 2002. We worked our butts off to play the best possible music and put on an energetic show. We certainly had success in the years that followed and certainly some low points. This is a jumping off point to document the life and times of those involved with the Sonic Circus.  Don’t forget to click on the timeline above.  I am still trying to compile all the timeline information so please correct me if I forgot something or just remembered it wrong.

Sonic Circus New Sonic Circus – Appleton Wisconsin’s premier 5 piece cover band.
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  1. Awesome idea! Thanks Dan!

    • Thanks Val. I wanted to document this very special time in my life. Can you believe its been 10 years since the band started? Did you get a chance to look at the TimeLine? What am I missing? Don’t forget to upload any cool photo’s you may have of the band or of the fans!

  2. WOW! Cool idea. I have 2 photo albums with over 2000 photos. Do you want me to pick the good ones or post them all? ;)

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