Dedicated to the local music scene and to the history of Sonic Circus. 

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The next Olympic event?

 Musician Decathalon:
1. Work an entire day at your day job.
2. Learn 10 new songs inside of an hour. (Sudden request from the purchaser)
3. Drive 2 hours to a gig.
4. Carry huge heavy gear and set up entire band rig in 1/2 hour. (because the club owner didn’t let you in the door on time because people were eating)

5. Play 4 hours, after a late start. (including the 10 songs you learned earlier, if you can remember them after arguing with the club owner that it takes more than a half hour to set up and soundcheck)

 6. Carry huge heavy gear again (but this time while tripping over and getting yelled at by dozens of drunk people telling you your band sucks because you didn’t play country, Skynard, and AC/DC.

Amp Riding

Johnny Amp Riding

7. Ride your amplifiers through the parking lot to see who can reach their truck first, without smashing cars, gear, or yourselves. (necessary stress relief for athletes)

 8. Drive 4 hours through a blinding snowstorm in the middle of the night without getting stopped by cops looking for DUIs.

9. Change flat tire. (You ran over broken beer bottles in the parking lot of the bar earlier, but didn’t realise it until you had driven way out into the middle of nowhere.)

10. After one hour of sleep, get up and drive another 2 hours and set everything back up for the next gig. (This club owner wants you set up by 8:00am for your gig that night, because he wants you out of the way while people are eating.)


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  1. OMG Johnny what a story! Life of a musician is sure harder than it looks! I usually only saw the fun parts–the show itself–not all the hard work before or after!

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